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Exhibition history Marion Pennell, Montréal, Québec, Canada

"If you have a creative gift, you must use it.
Is a violin still a violin if you use it as a doorstop?"
                            Marion Pennell


African &
Asian Animals

North American
Animals & Birds

Insects &
Scary Things

Cats & Dogs

real & imaginary

real & imaginary

Dem Bones

After September 11

"In math, one thing is true
In art, everything is true
and everything else in the world is in between"
                            Marion Pennell

Shoes series

The Gates, NYC
Victoria, B.C.

Links concerning Nature, Wildlife, Conservation & Respect for Animals:
The Ecomuseum
The Fauna Foundation
Jane Goodall Institute
Refuge RR: Horse Sanctuary
S.P.C.A. Montérégie (S.W. of Montreal)
S.P.C.A. Laurentides/Laurentians (N.W. of Montreal)
S.P.C.A. Ouest de L'ile (West of Montreal - on an open public Facebook page)
S.P.C.A.Montreal         The SPCA Montreal Annex (on an open public Facebook page)
World Wildlife Fund   World Wildlife Fund, Globally   World Wildlife Fund, Canada

My blog: The old grey mare
Groomies, in Beaconsfield, Quebec