Paintings by Marion Pennell, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Elephants, 2013

Marion Pennell © currently has an inventory of original paintings on canvas for sale.
Also available on commission.  

  (Please note that some of the below are jpg's of scans of photographs of the actual paintings. The actual originals have colours and details that are not adequately represented on this web browser. Nevertheless, enjoy!)

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Animals from Africa and Asia and S. America
© Marion Pennell

Chimpanzee, 2011

  "Vers la lumière  
Into the Light"
  "Le déjeuner d'herbe"   Tapirs Malais
  Malayan Tapirs  
  Tigre/Tiger     Jaguar     Léopard/Leopard     Guépard/Cheetah  
Hyène rayée
  Striped Hyaena  
  Serpent du manglier  
Mangrove Snake
  Lion     "Lions Waiting For Christians"  
  Tiger, portrait     "Noonday Swim"     "Midnight Swim"     Lion, portrait  
  "The Lovers"     "Madonna and Child"     "Spirit"     Toucan