Paintings by Marion Pennell, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Elephants, 2013
Marion Pennell © currently has an inventory of original paintings on canvas for sale.
Also available on commission.

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Animals from Africa and Asia and S. America
© Marion Pennell

Chimpanzee, 2011
  "Vers la lumière  
Into the Light"
  "Le déjeuner d'herbe"   Tapirs Malais
  Malayan Tapirs  
  Tigre/Tiger     Jaguar     Léopard/Leopard     Guépard/Cheetah  
Hyène rayée
  Striped Hyaena  
  Serpent du manglier  
Mangrove Snake
  Lion     "Lions Waiting For Christians"  
  Tiger, portrait     "Noonday Swim"     "Midnight Swim"     Lion, portrait  
  "The Lovers"     "Madonna and Child"     "Spirit"     Toucan