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This original one-of-a-kind mural was handpainted by myself in a nearby suburb of Montreal (where I reside).
It is NOT a reproduceable pattern that I can just ship, nor is it any kind of wallpaper.
I can paint custom murals for yourself or your children or your company.
They are hand-painted by myself from original approved (by the client) designs.

The painted surface of the wall covers portions of three adjoining walls.
It was difficult to contain the whole project in one photograph.

Here are photos of the actual mural.

Views that show adjoining walls

LIONS wall

ZEBRAS wall, with some closeups

Giraffe Door, Elephant details on Far wall

final compositions



more mockups

zebra wall components

Zebras & herd ABOVE
BELOW added animals for right side of wall, & door.......


ideas tossed about
Definitely pride of lions on long wall,
Definitely herd animals, mainly zebras on "closet" wall,
Definitely monkey above closet door.

Still in question:
interior of door, and space of door "hidden" when door open,
I no longer like the giraffe - too cute.
How about an elephant coming in or going out on the door itself!!!!?????
See front and back views, with baby elephant on "hidden" part of wall

Also wall with windows - perhaps higher up a "parade" of elephants in the distance going right across,
and NO large animals on the wall near the bed?????

first sketches
I know this is VERY VERY SKETCHY, but at work today, I had to jot it down.....
First is the placement, next is sketching out in detail the actual animals.........

Male lion looking "towards" zebras (door), pride of female lions & cubs on rocks,
with some foliage behind. mainly upper half of the wall.

branch extending from brown accent wall above closet with black and white monkey.
horizon 2/3 of the way up the wall, african trees faintly there, streaks of colour in african sky.
Herd of zebras with a few gnus, antelopes at a watering hole.
in midground an antelope or zebra.
"Hiding" behind the door, ie. on the wall but hidden when the door is full open,
a BABY zebra or antelope, and on the interior of the door, its mother.

Baby elephant in detail below window on wall near the lions....
In the "distance" some elephants walking trunk to tail....
on the side with the bed, in faint greys, as if farther away, an adult elephant coming towards.

Various grasses around where animals are standing.......