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"What can I say?????
Ya captured his beady little look perfectly!!!! ( I like the blue-ish background too!)

My wife loved it, says you did an incredible always."

Acrylic on canvas
11 inches wide x 14 inches high
On 15-Nov-08, at 9:13 PM, GerrySki wrote:
"Feet and Arthur are not doing well, both are very much aged and both are losing a lot of weight quickly. I'm hoping both last until Christmas for Dawn. Your paintings of them are very special now!!"

On 20-Nov-08, at 1:45 AM, GerrySki wrote:
"Feet passed away today, found him when I came home from work 2 hours later. We will miss him, Dawn took it really hard."

On 20-Nov-08, at 8:03 PM, GerrySki wrote:
"We never knew his birthdate, showed up at our door one day as a stray and we knew right away he was coming in! In 1997, the vet said about 4, so that made him about 15 when he passed.
It's been a long day for both of us. With the exception for Bumpers, it was the longest ride to the Pet Cemetery I had. Thinking of my Uncle Wally the way out there whom told me Men must be strong and it is only OK for weak women and children to cry so I strained to preserve my manhood.

Feet was unique and used to piss me off!

1) He would climb in the Christmas tree and topple it over until I got smart one year and installed fishing line to the wall to secure it.

2) As I would walk in the hallway, he would run next to me, stop in front of me where I would almost trip over him. I landed on my ass twice with this little stunt of his.

3) Cooking food was a joke, up on the kitchen counter and he would try to eat everything. He would steal raw meat VERY QUICK!!

4) What I miss the most, he would sit on the top of Dawn's chair, and if I stood by it he would get up on his hind legs and extend his paw and tap me!!


Oreo,   aka "Feet",     (Louie's dad)

Some other members of the "family"
Bonnet, Mikey & Arthur